Flat Earth FAQ (New Eric Dubay Book!)

Flat Earth FAQ by Eric Dubay: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ericdubay

Flat Earth FAQ is the ultimate reference guide for concise, comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked flat Earth questions accompanied with detailed drawings, maps, memes, charts, and full-color photographs as helpful visual aids. Written by the President of the International Flat Earth Research Society and author of several other flat Earth books and documentaries, Eric Dubay recommends Flat Earth FAQ as both an ideal introduction to the subject for beginners, and a perfect coffee-table book for established flat earthers looking to tackle all the typical talking points.

Table of Contents:
1. How Do You Know Earth is Not a Spinning Globe?
2. How Do You Know NASA Faked the Moon Landings?
3. Why Would They Lie About Flat Earth?
4. Why are There No Flat Earth Whistle-Blowers?
5. Why are There No Photographs of the Flat Earth?
6. Why is Earth the Only Flat Planet?
7. Why Can’t Everyone See Mount Everest on a Flat Earth?
8. Why isn’t Polaris Visible from Australia?
9. Why Does the Moon Appear Upside-Down in the Southern Hemisphere?
10. Why Do the Sun/Moon Get Bigger Near the Horizon?
11. Ships Disappear Beyond Earth’s Curvature?
12. Earth’s Curvature Visible From Your Airplane Window?
13. Eratosthenes Experiment Debunks Flat Earth?
14. Cavendish Experiment Proves Gravity?
15. Foucault Pendulums Prove the Earth Rotates?
16. Coriolis Effect Proves Earth a Spinning Globe?
17. Mount Rainier’s Shadow Proves the Globe?
18. The Lake Pontchartrain Bridge Shows Earth’s Curvature?
19. How Do Maps, Compasses and Circumnavigation Work on Flat Earth?
20. How Do Flights Like Sydney-Santiago Work on Flat Earth?
21. How Does Gravity Work on Flat Earth?
22. How Do Sunrise and Sunset Work on Flat Earth?
23. How Do Seasons Work on the Flat Earth?
24. How Does the Midnight Sun Work on Flat Earth?
25. How Do Eclipses Work on Flat Earth?
26. How Do the Southern Stars Work on Flat Earth?
27. How Do Tides Work on Flat Earth?
28. How Do Volcanoes and Earthquakes Work on Flat Earth?
29. How Can Ushuaia Get 17 Hours of Daylight on a Flat Earth?
30. What is Above, Below, and Beyond the Flat Earth?
31. How Did You Personally Learn About Flat Earth?
32. Why is Flat Earth Important?

The beautiful custom designed cover art is by fellow flat earther and artist Dino. Dino is a self-taught artist, musician & teacher from Boston whose work can be found at www.ARTofDiNo.com ([email protected]). Together with his wife Erin Sarah of www.ARTofErinSarah.com, they formed a 501c3 public charity known as Save eARTh (www.SaveeARTh.us) with the goal of Saving eARTh with Art and HeART forever. Each Artwork is designed to expand the minds of all people of all ages in order to help everyone envision the infinite realm of potential we are all collectively re-discovering. These visions are meticulously crafted and packed with interconnecting symbolism that weaves a timeless story based on the perceptions of the viewer.

Flat Earth FAQ is the culmination of over a decade’s worth of deep research and writing on this most important subject jam-packed into an easily digestible reference book available in paperback, PDF and EPub/Kindle versions. As many of you know, I have vowed never to stop my activism until the NWO dies or I do, and I see flat Earth as the Achilles’ Heel of the New World Order. This subject, supposedly the most crackpot of all conspiracy theories, mocked and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant unscientific worldview, is actually one of the most easily demonstrable and empirically evidenced facts of reality. When humanity finally wakes up to the truth of our flat Earth, it will usher in a veritable new age of enlightenment, a renaissance of common sense, and an opportunity to finally and forever expose and expunge these deceivers among us. As with all of my books, the contents will all soon be available FREE in article, video, and audiobook forms for those who cannot afford them. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped over the years to support me and my mission of spreading the flat Earth truth to the entire flat world by purchasing and giving away my books to anyone and everyone who will read them! http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ericdubay

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