Flat Earth and Other Shill Potatoes Episode 2

Just having some laughs poking fun at several of the controlled opposition agents currently attempting to co-opt the flat Earth truth movement. This is a very serious and important topic, however, and if anyone hasn’t already, please visit the following threads exposing these shills and their lies:

Patricia Steere: http://ifers.123.st/t71-patricia-steere-steering-the-flat-earth-movement
Mark Sargent: http://ifers.123.st/t7-mark-sargent-raging-shill-clues
Math Powerland: http://ifers.123.st/t57-matt-boylan-the-jew-apologist-shill
The FE Shill Wall of Shame: http://ifers.123.st/t38-flat-earth-shill-wall-of-shame

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Postée le décembre 8, 2018



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