Eric Dubay and IFERS Banned from the Internet

The enemies of truth have decided to start off the new year with a bang by completely shutting down, without warning or reason, the International Flat Earth Research Society forum. In just 10 months we accumulated over 3,000 members and averaged over 50,000 visitors per month which was apparently too much flat Earth truth for the internet to handle. According to Proboards section 25a, they claim the right to “shut down any forum for any reason at any time” which they enforced without a word to myself or the other admins on new years eve. This was not the first act of censorship by Proboards as well. A few months ago they also threatened to delete our entire forum if we didn’t remove within 48 hours the thread for my documentary Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order claiming “racism and hate speech.” We begrudgingly complied but all sent very polite and in-depth messages to Proboards explaining how nothing in the documentary was “hateful or racist,” and were received with similar silence. It is clear that the Jew shills have had enough and they’re in over-drive trying to shut down the true IFERS flat Earth renaissance, while simultaneously setting up all of their controlled opposition fake flat Earthers to infiltrate, co-opt, and assimilate the FE movement like the Borg. Contrary to their mantra however, resistence is NOT futile, and their desperate, under-handed attempts to stop the flat Earth truth from surfacing will all fail. Several months ago their fake flat Earther agents Paul Cheeft and PolarizationNationMedia both attempted to have my YouTube channel shut down, by issuing two fraudulent copyright strikes against me, both of which I managed to overturn by filing legal counter-claims against them. Around that time Facebook also decided to jump on the “Eric Dubay censorship bandwagon” by deleting my account, all my pages, and giving my Atlantean Conspiracy group directly over to a team of fake FE shills who still administrate it to this day filling the group with nothing but death threats to me, pictures of Masonic goats, and ridiculous belittling memes. After re-registering for new accounts and accumulating my friends lists again, Facebook has now deleted two more profiles, and I am currently on my fourth! Paul Michael Bales, admittedly with Jewish funding, has now recently created a fake clone IFERS site where he ex-post-facto declares himself President of IFERS and bought 50 other flat Earth domain names which “he and his team” are busy making lousy websites for, none of which have seen any censorship. Even though I have provably been researching and spreading flat Earth truth since 2009, Paul has repeatedly lied claiming to be the “Morpheus to my Neo” and to have awoken me to flat Earth in 2014. He admits himself to having only become a flat Earther in 2013, but has the gall to continue claiming he “taught me everything” several years after I had already been publicly posting articles about Geocentricity and linking to Samuel Rowbotham’s Flat Earth work. As I have declared many times before, I will never cease writing and speaking the truth regardless of threats or how many times/ways I am censored. They say those who are directly over the target receive the most flak. No other flat Earther has received nearly the level of hatred, threats and censorship that I have. None of the dozens of shill forums started by Acenci, Paul Bales, PlaneTruth and others have been deleted or censored whatsoever. When the enemy wins a battle or gains ground, we must simply regain the ground lost and continue fighting. So the real IFERS will now continue at where the authentic flat Earth renaissance is still taking place and taking over.

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Postée le décembre 13, 2018



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