American Indian Chief Saturioua & Chief Moctezuma Represented As “The Moor With The Emerald Cluster”

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In this video we will be reading from the article : The Graphic Sources for the “Moor with the Emerald Cluster”
By: Metropolitan Museum Journal
Vol. 15 (1980), pp. 203-210

We will show that one of the famous Collection Pieces of (The Treasures Of Dresden’s Green Vault)
“The Moor with The Emerald clusters” is truly and historically a representation of America and a combination of South East USA Chief’s like Chief Saturioua of The Timucuan Chiefdom in Florida and The Chief Moctezuma of Mexico and not an “african moor” !!!!

Another case of stolen Identity and misclassification ….

Hope You guys enjoy the quick video !..

Here is the article: