America is Egypt: Part 2- Prophecy

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America is Egypt
Outline 2

Divided Kingdom

    2 Chr 35:20-24 Ended with Josiah, and the war with the King of Egypt- Necho II

    2 Chr 36:1-7 Jehoahaz-23 years old was named King but Necho, made Eliakim-25 years old. king after 3 months and changed his name to Jehoiakim

    Jehoiakim did evil in the sight of the Lord- was bound by Nebuchadnezzar and promoted Jehoiachin, 8-years old reigned in his stead- he also did evil.



    Eze 1 Begins 5th year of Jehoiakim

    Abomination Prophecy

    Eze 12:3-6 I shall move my place to another place

    Eze 20:6-7 out of Egypt into the “glory of all lands”

    Eze 21:13 “Forest in Arabia”


  Jer 1 His times ran parallel with Josiah and Jehoiakim

  Jer 25 70 Years in Babylon

  Jer 44:30 Pharoahhophra will lose Kingdom (written by Jeremiah in the 4th year of Jehoiakim)

Babylonian Captivity

   Then Nebuchadnezzar promoted Zedekiah 21 years old (contemporary of Jeremiah) 36:12, Did even more evil, mocked messengers of the Lord,

    Zedekiah- gave over the riches of the people and allowed the burning and destruction of the Temple, and sold his people into Slavery to the King of Babylon


   11:1-16 Root of Jesse, gentiles- smite in the 7 streams

   18:1 Woe to the land beyond the waters of Ethiopia (referring to Egypt)

   19:1-2 The Burden of Egypt, brother against brother

   19:5-6 The river will be dried up

   20:4-6 Egyptians and Ethiopians being mentioned synonamously


   Dan 1 Well-favored Children of Judah, taken by Prince of Eunuchs 

   Dan 2:30-44 Prophecy concerning Nebuchadnezzar

   Dan 2: 43 They shall mingle themselves with the “seed of men” but they shall not cleave to one another

   Dan 4 Nebuchadnezzar explains life and “being with the beasts of the field”, falling and returning to respect the Most High, 

   Dan 5 Belshazzar (Nebuchadnezzar’s son- Not Daniel) is King and sins praising the Gods of Gold and Silver (vessels) taken from the Temple

   Dan 5:30-31 Belshazzar was slain, and Darius the Mede takes Kingdom at age 32

   Dan 7 Prophecy about 4 Beasts from the sea

   Dan 8:20-21 Prophecy including Persia and Media-rams, being destroyed by Grecia- a horned goat representing Greece and Alexander the Great

   Dan 10 Cyrus was King for 3 years at this point

   Dan 10:16-21 Another vision, Michael comes to inform Daniel of vision- Michael says he is fighting with Persia and the Prince of Grecia shall come

   Dan 11:6 King of the South Daughter will com to the north to make an agreement but will not retain power

   Dan 11:30-41 Ships from Chittim will enter the glorious land  and have power over Egypt

             Edom, Moab, and Ammon conspired against the Holy Covenant

   Zed 9:13 O’Greece, sword of a mighty man 

   Zed 10:11 Egypt shall depart away

Septuagint 250 BC

Cyrus of Persia

    They were servants until Cyrus of Persia 36:20-23, Cyrus vowed that he is charged with the Lord God of heaven to build his house in Jerusalem- Ezra 1

    Artaxerxes made them cease by power building the temple until the reign of Darius of Persia Ez 4:23 (Book of Ezra 6:3 decree of house in Jerusalem, 7 Also )

   Ez 6:15 The house in Jerusalem was completed, in the sixth year of Darius – 5 month Journey from Babylon to Jerusalem 7:9

Maccabees 1

   Mac 1:1-9 Alexander the Great Advanced to the “ends of the Earth” and conquered the world

                    Ruled for 12 years, upon his death- his empire was divided 4 ways amongst his generals

After the Death of Alexander Egypt becomes part of the Ptolemaic Empire

   Mac 1:9 Antiochus(III) Epiphanies of Syria began to reign in the year 137

   Mac 1:16-20 Antiochus invades Egypt and captures cities

   Mac 1:20-25 Antiochus ravaged the Temple in Jerusalem

   Mac 1 2:19 Mattithias refuses gentile worship

   Mac 1 3  Maccabean Revolt

   Mac 11:1 King Alexander Epiphanies (son of Antiochus IV) goes against Ptolemy VI-King of Egypt

After the Death of Cleopatra ( the last Ptolemy) Egypt becomes a Roman Sub-State



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